All CrossFit gyms teach the fundamental principles of the CrossFit methodology, but each CrossFit gym is completely different. At CrossFit Double Down we encourage all of our new members to select a gym based on the following three criteria:

A clean, well equipped and organized gym.

  • Is it clean and well organized?
  • Does it have plenty of up-to-date equipment?
  • Is there plenty of room for workouts?

Las Vegas Crossfit Gym

Our gym is a 6,000 square foot ‘Box’ with rubber flooring throughout. We have 7 Olympic lifting platforms, 12 hanging ropes, 12 squat racks, 12 sets of rings (some high, some low), enough rig space to pullup a crowd of 30 and enough bells, bars, balls, plates and space to easily accommodate a class size of more than 20.

Big Ass Fan !

For your comfort, our BigAssFan has the capability to drop the interior temperature as much as 25 degrees in the peak of the summer heat. The breeze is incredible! The fan does an excellent job of cooling during summer as well as keeping the warm air down during the brief winter. It is a huge bonus for our box and is the best fan money can buy.

An atmosphere of inspiration and camaraderie.

  • Does the gym’s energy suit you?
  • Are the gym’s athletes like minded and focused on fitness?
  • Does the atmosphere inspire you?

Our atmosphere is one of humility with the focus on engaging and encouraging each another. There is always someone faster, stronger or better – even if it is for just one day. Therefore we expect you to do what you can and do it the best for that day, all egos aside. We know CrossFit is hard at first, but everyone who sticks with it has succeeded in bettering themselves and quickly achieves the best level of fitness of their entire lives. Whether age 35 or 65 we’ve seen members that couldn’t climb a rope in high school can now at age 45 do 15 climbs in a workout. We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, this is a daily habit and we promise to provide something new and challenging for you every single workout.

Coaches who ‘Walk the Talk’

Are the coaches CrossFit Certified and knowledgeable of various specialties of fitness?
Do the coaches exhibit the level of training that you want to achieve?
Are the coaches dedicated to well-rounded fitness?


We want the CrossFit community to grow and we want our members to be content knowing they have chosen the CrossFit gym that is the best fit for them after considering their alternatives. Most importantly, we want to ensure that each member’s experience meets their fitness expectations. In your search for the right CrossFit box, come see us, try us out and ask us everything you need to know to make the right decision.