Currently Crossfitting but don’t feel challenged?
Looking for more coaching or a different environment?

At Crossfit Double Down, our coaches and training staff lead from the front, not from the back. We do all our own programming, nothing special and nothing different. Each class hour will have a group-led warm up that can be taxing in itself. There is usually a Pre-WOD or slightly easier workout for score to serve as a conditioning tool, as well as a way to ensure proper warm up prior to a more advanced workout or heavy lift. We have a METCON programmed every day, as well the daily WOD or two. If you’re a skilled out athlete, or coming from another CFbox with experience, you can choose if you prefer WOD or METCON that day.

Crossfit is a sport, and like any sport, it takes time to master the skills. As you get better and more comfortable with the skills, your training becomes more fun and more productive. As you plateau, we are on top of it to help you increase your game and teach you new skills, which are more demanding and more technical, but one thing at a time. There is much to learn in the beginning, thus we can’t teach you everything right out of the gates. As you grow with us, eventually an entire new world of movements will be downloaded into making you re-engage with your training and dramatically changing your gains and progress. Lot of talented people quit because they were no longer challenged at the gym they were at. Please come see me, we will make sure you are sufficiently challenged but adequately prepared to do what is asked of you. “What one man can do, another can do.”

We walk the talk at Crossfit Double Down. Therefore we can assist you with your journey, no matter how far you want to go with it.