Are you brand new to Crossfit?
Coming back to a structured fitness program?

We program a scaled workout every day for beginners, people who want to restart a structured fitness program, those who are a touch out of shape or for those brand new to Crossfit. We understand that your first day with us very well could be the very first time you’ve ever tried a sport, or fitness program. We welcome you with open arms and want you to know you can do it, and we will help you. The scaled workout is the perfect way to get your feet wet with Crossfit without any risk of injury or overdoing yourself. When your ready and we’ve talked about it together, we will take you through our skills program which is one-on-one guided teaching and then you have the option of either scaled or WOD once skills is completed. It just takes time and consistency to master those skills. Crossfit is a sport and like all sports, the quicker you learn, the sooner it becomes fun.

We have an incredible member community that makes the hard work seem easy. Your fellow classmates for that hour will hold you accountable, suffer with you and encourage you. You will soon become friends and that’s what this is all about. We grow in community with one another and there is no better way to do life than with your friends and loved ones.

We encourage you to come in and be a part of this community. We can change your life for the better, you just have to show up. Classes are an hour long, please arrive at the gym early to familiarize yourself with our facility.