Thomas McCrummen

“Iron sharpens Iron so one man sharpens another”  proverbs 27:17

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Thomas McCrummen hails from southern California. As a youth he was a gymnast, competing for 3 years qualifying to nationals as a level 5. Retired as a level 3. Moved on to platform and spring board diving in high school. Qualified for CIF (state championship meet) first year having no prior coaching, realizing then to find a club team and pursue this more seriously. Thomas won the CIF championship meet his junior year in High School for San Dimas (2 yrs later) and finished a 2nd place at JO Nationals on 3m springboard while attending ASU. Thomas went to Arizona State University on scholarship and dove all 4 years as a division 1 NCAA student athlete. He was named the NCAA PAC-10 Freshman/newcomer for Swimming and Diving his freshman year for his 3rd place finish at PAC-10’s and 4.0 gpa in school. Thomas graduated from ASU with a degree in business marketing and a minor in math. He worked in the fitness business for a few years managing globo gym and realized the fitness industry was broken, until Crossfit came along. Finally Thomas could be the gym owner and personal trainer like he had envisioned versus being a slave for the man working at globo gym. Crossfit was the answer, and Double Down was started just after the Thomas married his wife, Laurie.

Thomas in three words:  crazy, entertaining, passionate

Thomas plays the piano, enjoys a solid 10 second pass in a drag car or 100 mph pass in dad’s boat, and can shoot the bullseye out of a target. He can land spins and flips in the snowboard park at mammoth, behind the boat on his wakeboard, or on the ground in front of you if you ask him. Thomas is a family man and a man’s man with a strong personality and a huge heart to help those who want to be helped. He is entertaining to be around and he knows what he is talking about. He’s been through multiple surgeries, and come back stronger each time. He feels that failing and learning from the misses is what makes you great. He has the scars and education to prove it. He has helped countless people accomplish their weight loss goal, and has helped countless people get out of their own way to realize they had waaaay more potential then they ever thought they had to begin with. Thomas is an encourager and a motivator. When you meet him, and train with him, you’ll see.

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Laurie McCrummen

“Do today what others won’t so tomorrow you can do what others can’t.”

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Laurie hails from ‘The Rocket City’ – Huntsville, AL where America’s Space Program began. Laurie participated at an early age in gymnastics and cheerleading and was a member of Sparkman High School’s National Championship Cheerleading Team . Since 1997 she has called Las Vegas, NV her home.    Upon graduation from Durango High School in Las Vegas, she attended the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education.  Soon after graduation she began teaching First Grade students at one of Clark County’s top ranked schools – Aggie Roberts Elementary School in Henderson, NV.  Not being one to ‘rest on her laurels’ soon after starting her teaching career, she studied at night and earned her Master of Education Degree from Lesley University.

Laurie recently retired as a Third Grade Teacher at Aggie Roberts Elementary School and now focuses on teaching CrossFit programs.  Laurie can be credited with introducing many of her friends to the benefits of CrossFit training, including husband Thomas McCrummen!  Besides teaching and CrossFit Training, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends who appreciate her penchant for baking and cooking healthy foods!

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